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Started as something of a side project, Shit And Shine quickly became Craig Clouse’s main and most notable endeavor. The London-based Clouse and an ever-rotating troupe of musicians sculpt an avant-garde mingling of beat-oriented, sample-centric noise-rock that has drawn comparisons to the likes of Slab!, God, The Butthole Surfers, Bongwater, The Velvet Underground, Boredoms, et al. Though the genre label of “noise rock” has been widely used to describe Shit and Shine’s sound, it is also true that its most recent sound has leaned towards the dance floor. Shit & Shine’s live shows have featured multiple drummers (up to 16), knob twiddlers, guitarists and bassists, 12 feet of amplification and a battery of lawnmowers. Overstimulation and excess seem to be the keywords to approach a reasonable description of $&$’s live sets. That would also explain Shit And Shine’s last year output - 3 excellent albums on such venerable record labels: Editions Mego, Diagonal and Artetetra. Back in 2009, The Wire’s Jim Haynes described $&$ as “music that is punk in attitude, psychedelic in scope and malignant at heart.”

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