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Tara Bhattacharya Reed is a sound artist, DJ and curator. She is also involved in the experimental film & music scenes as a host of the radio show Commercial Suicide, which is Central Texas' longest running experimental music radio program, and is  broadcasted via KOOP 91.7FM, a noncommercial community radio station. She is also a co-programmer of Experimental Response Cinema and a curator of Antumbrae Intermedia Events + Installations.


Rick Reed is a self-taught composer and electronic improviser whose “artistic vision and execution has a remarkable and unhurried focus & poetry. His live sound and multimedia performances are constantly evolving yet grounded in his clear sensibility. A high bar to set and a treat to observe unfold.” (Austin Chronicle, 20 May 2016) Since the mid 1990s, Rick Reed has released several LPs and CDs on labels such as Ecstatic Peace, Beta-lactam Ring, Pale Disc Japan and Elevator Bath. The collaborative track between Rick and Tara Reed, ‘Brilliant Flashes’, appears on the split tape Brilliant Flashes/Coalesce the Vapor (Rick Reed/Smokey Emery), released by the label Obsolete Future (2016).

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