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Sustaining International Connections in Adventurous Music

Whether it’s the movement of artists collaborating across borders, the artistic investigations spanning genre and method, or the ideas developed through continued incitement and confrontation, our ability to move is the essence of our music and art. Yet, as the contemporary moment asks us to slow down and find a balance within the tense pause of quarantine and social distancing (and social awakening for many of us) we choose to reflect on and celebrate the movements which sustain and inspire our creative work. The Movement in Stasis project aspires to nourish, fortify and continue vital connections in adventurous music across borders of genre, gender, race and country.


For 21 years and counting, Epistrophy Arts has presented the leading lights of the international jazz avant-garde for an enthusiastic and still growing audience in Austin, Texas. The curation of this joint festival is widely informed by Sonic Transmissions founder Ingebrigt Håker Flaten’s artistic connections made through his work as an internationally touring musician. The Colombian component of the program is a continuation of a mutual venture initiated by Epistrophy Arts’ Founder Pedro Moreno and Flaten in 2016 to encourage collaboration between the Austin and Bogotá music scenes.


Lastly, Movement in Stasis shines a light on the vital need for public funding for the arts. The project is generously supported in part by Austin, Texas’ excellent Cultural Arts Program (generated by an innovative hotel occupancy tax). In this time of flux, we bring attention to both the importance of public funding for the arts as well as the need for community advocacy to ensure that vibrant international cultural exchange continues on the grassroots level.

In collaboration with:

Epistrophy Arts & Experimental Sound Studio

Sonic Transmissions is excited to be joining forces with our longtime friend and collaborator Epistrophy Arts for Movement in Stasis, streaming live August 6-8, 2020. Seizing this extraordinary moment, we are presenting a selection of musicians from around the world to a global audience through a partnership with Experimental Sound Studio’s The Quarantine Concerts. This expanded online festival brings attention to profound work resonating from the creative depths of Norway, Colombia, and the U.S.


Poster Design by Sola

Sola is a design collective based in Bogotá, Colombia. Focusing on projects with a cultural, social, and artistic approach, they have collaborated with museums, independent entrepreneurs, and activists. With the use of design and art direction they explore creative processes that open up spaces to tell stories that move us.

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