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The Young Mothers – the brainchild of the Norwegian-born bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten  was formed 2012 in Austin Texas, the group’s debut album A Mothers Work is Never Done (Tektite Records-2014) been described as a creative-music pacesetter with its jack-out-of-the-box surprises ranging from grindcore injections to visionary hip-hop to spirited and moody takes on modern jazz and improv.


Along with the Austin-based Håker Flaten (The Thing, Atomic) and guitarist Jonathan Horne, a previous member of the famed White Denim and Steve Albini-engineered Plutonium Farmers, The Young Mothers’ Texas contingent includes saxophonist Jason Jackson, a centerpiece of Houston’s productive improvised music community, a member of the wildly eclectic and always evolving fusion collective FREE RADICALS, and who has played with Leroy Jenkins, Pauline Oliveros, and William Parker; trumpeter and rapper Jawwaad Taylor, a Houston native well known for his solo efforts as JAWWAAD and who was part of Shape Of Broad Minds together with Jneiro JArel which performed and collaborated with Jay-Z and MF DOOM; and Dallas-based drummer/vibe man Stefan Gonzalez son of jazz heavyweight Dennis Gonzales, whose powerful chops can be heard in countless jazz and noise/grind projects. Rounding out the lineup is Frank Rosaly, a Chicago-stationed percussionist who’s played nationally and internationally with the integrals, such as Peter Brötzmann, Jeff Parker, Roscoe Mitchell, Thurston Moore and Louis Moholo.



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