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Matthew Lux has been a key presence in the Chicago jazz, rock, soul, and dance-music circles since graduating from Lane Tech in 1991. Lux has worked as a regular sideman in a number of important groups, including Isotope 217, several bands led by cornetist Rob Mazurek (Pulsar Quarter, The Exploding Star Orchestra, Pharoah And The Underground, et al.), he’s played or recorded as a bassist with lots of other artists including Iron & Wine, Plush, Smog, Azita, Heroic Doses, Peven Everett, Tranquility Bass, Eddie Kirkland, George Freeman. etc. But despite the fact that Lux’s been active and in-demand since the early 90’s, it was only until last year that he released his first project under his own name: Matthew Lux’s Communication Arts Quarter. Their debut cassette, Contra/Fact, was released by Austin’s own Astral Spirits. Back in January, The Wire’s Daniel Spicer said about the album: “At a time when the majority of even the most progressive jazz still often sounds like a historical reenactment of late 20th century developments in the music, Lux manages to pull off a pretty rare feat: he’s made an album that sounds current – even futuristic – while persuasively acknowledging exactly where it’s come from.”


MIKEL PATRICK AVERY - drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, mellotron 
BEN LAMAR GAY - cornet, electronics, melodica, percussion
JAYVE MONTGOMERY - tenor sax, carinumpet, flute, samples, percussion 
MATTHEW LUX - bass, synth, electric guitar, chirimia, percussion 

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