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Lung Letters is an Austin-based punk rock quartet, with a live act likened to no other. Over the past 15 years, these music veterans have served time in bands like A Giant Dog, Flesh Lights, Total Abuse and many other rock and roll favorites. Duncan Knappen’s heavy handed riffs paired with the vocal ferocity of Jeremy Steen, give way to the destructive power of the band’s live performance. The alluring lines and sly hooks of bassist Graham Low, erupt to a sound with animalistic qualities, offering us a window to the group’s brutal energy. Jenny Arthur’s thrashing beats combined with the intriguing lyrics, bring the annihilative sound together in perfect, captivating harmony. Lung Letters has been dishing out these boisterous and enthralling shows in Austin for almost 3 years, leaving their audience asking for more. Their primal energy and tough sounds have been channeled into a recording, with 3 EP’s set to come out in 2017 on Super Secret Records.


Vocals - Jeremy

Steen Guitar - Duncan Knappen

Bass - Graham Low

Drums - Jenny Arthur



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