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What is there to say about Camae Ayewa aka Moor Mother that’s not been said before? Not much really. She’s been the subject of documentaries, reviews, interviews, articles, think pieces, and fairly so. She took the avant-garde scene by storm back in 2016 with her debut album Fetish Bones, released by the legendary punk label Don Giovanni Records. Fetish Bones took elements from noise, punk, hip-hop, industrial, poetry and were combined with a severe tone of violence and a strange form of maximalist minimalism. Her work has been labeled "hardcore poetry", "power electronics", "slaveship punk", and "protest music". Ayewa herself resists categorization, preferring to self-identify through terms such as "time traveler" and "truth teller." A self-described Afrofuturist, she uses spacetime-bending sound and lyricism to reformulate concepts of memory, history, and the future in an Afrocentric or afro-diasporic tradition. Moor Mother’s presence in the current modern music scene is essential, not only as an artist who is aware of the present but as someone who is aware of history.

Listen to her Bandcamp page :

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