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Maria Norseth Garli
feat. Amalie Dahl

Maria Norseth Garli 1 foto Juliane Schütz.jpg

Maria Norseth Garli - vocals / guitars
Amalie Dahl - alto saxophone

Film and cut: Juliane Schütz
Assistent: Sigrid Erdal
Photo: Juliane Schütz
Audio: Kyrre Laastad

Maria Norseth Garli’s speciality is doing things she doesn’t really know how to and making it into art. This has resulted in things such as starting to play the guitar at the age of 30 or publish a book with no academic background as a writer whatsoever. Together with her band (Kyrre Laastad, Lars Ove Fossheim and Tor Haugerud) she has found her signature voice as an experimental singer-songwriter without genre borders. 

Tonight, Maria and the band will be joined by Danish saxophone player Amalie Dahl, who brings innovating flavour with her excessive energetic way of playing.

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