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We are not even past this year’s first half, and San Antonio, TX-based percussionist, improviser and experimental electronic music (de)composer Dane Rousay has already released at least 4 superb solo records and at least another 3 collaborative albums. Rousay’s solo work on acoustic drum-kit explores emotional overlaps of rhythm, speed, and texture. But Rousay is not only prolific as a recording artist, they played more than 200 live performances just last year. Earlier this year, Rousay was joined by Iranian-American multi-instrumentalist Parham Daghighi for their first public live performance.

Parham Daghighi’s recent foci include electric guitar, alto saxophone, and instruments from the Persian art music tradition including setar, dozaleh, and tombak. He is a core member of Texas-based exploratory music groups SSBT and Friendship Cemetery.

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